So, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and work out almost every single day for this month. Why, you ask? With all the festive feasts, the cookies, cakes, candy and all other glorious food, this should be the time to let loose a little and enjoy the last month of 2013.

Why not now, is what I say. If I can improve my overall fitness amidst all the temptations of the good life, that’s an even sweeter win. 😉 With that said, it’s not going to be an easy feat because I know I’ll definitely skip a day here and there, due to lack of time or out of sheer laziness. But I will definitely try my best to squeeze in at least 15 – 20 minutes at best. Hell, a 4-minute Tabata routine is still better than none.

In the spirit of trying out this new 30-day challenge, here are 5 workout moves that I completely dread doing, but I know will burn those stubborn calories and put those muscles to work!


The very mention of the word makes my tummy do a flip, but it’s the one move that works almost every major muscle group – from your arms, shoulders, core, back, quads, butt, calves. You name it, it’ll burn.


Lunges are one thing, lunge jumps are another. Having to switch your legs mid-air and then landing into a lunge is NO FUN AT ALL. But it sure feels great on those quads and butt as soon as you get over the soreness.


Shaun T sure has some neat lines in his Russian kicks!

This is the one where you sit on the ground, with your knees bent in front of you, placing your palms behind you, facing towards your feet. With your elbows bent, lift your hips up and alternately kick your legs up into the air. You should feel this primarily in your core area, triceps and the front of your thighs. I don’t fancy this because having to get my derrière and chunky legs up in the air sure is a challenge in itself!


Also known as Thigh Slap Jumps, the torture comes in two forms. Once when you have to squat (in preparation for that high jump), and the other time when you’re in the air struggling to lift your knees to your chest and hoping you stick the landing. I can’t tell which is worse.


These are similar to the dreaded burpees, except you start in a plank position and jump in with both legs till they reach your chest (or if you can, right next to the outside of your palms), then kick them back out again behind you, keeping your back straight and your hips square and low. Your legs are going to be screaming, trust me.


So if you’re pressed for time this festive season, you could always combine all these moves into an intense HIIT routine that’ll definitely put your heart to work. For more ideas of what to incorporate into a HIIT workout, read this previous post. Till then, happy eating (both clean and dirrrty!), happy sweating and happy shopping! 🙂




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