It’s finally posted! This one took a while, guys – and for that I’m really sorry! I always seem to have an issue with the YouTube uploading process, and it takes AGES to get it uploaded. Sometimes I even leave it overnight, and when I check back on it the morning after, it tells me the session has expired and I need to re-login again.

Anyone who has a channel on YouTube faces similar challenges and/or has solutions? 🙂

In the mean time, please lend me your support and if you’re wondering what personal issue I’m referring to in my video, you can read all about it here. Oh, another sorry from me regarding the poor audio/video quality – when I reviewed it using my laptop’s media player everything seemed smooth, then when it’s up on YouTube, it just failed on me. 😦 I’ll try and rectify the problem(s) in my next upload.

Have a great week ahead guys!




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