Hello, again, you lovely people!

Time has certainly passed by quickly, and look at where we are; only 4.5 months of the year left! And what have I been up to since the last post? Well, I’ve been more active on my Instagram account (for those of you who follow me there – @WaniWrites – thank you so much for your support!), and working my butt off (err, literally and figuratively).

Speaking of work, I just wanted to show my support for a new client I’m working with, which I believe might help some of you who might be living in Asia and always a little lost at where to dine when you’re planning a night out.

Previously known as Happy Hour Asia, Appetti.com is a GPS-enabled site that eases your hunt for that obscure watering hole or trending taste maker, especially when you’re hangry. Simply search through its database for your preferred establishment by name, cuisine or district and let Appetti.com do the hard stuff. πŸ˜‰

Its listings will state the merchant’s site, opening hours, current promotions (if any), cuisine type, average pricey-ness and the best social setting it’s recommended for. And how do I play a part in all this, you ask?

Well, with a spanking new re-launch needs a spanking new editorial site, and I’ll be responsible in sourcing great eats and tipples so that you’ll know what you’re in for, should you decide on visiting a particular place. πŸ™‚ Everything is still in its early stages, but I reckon it’ll be an amazing one-stop digital encyclopedia of restaurants, cafes, bars and the like once everything gets going! The site currently offers its services in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bali.

No editorial project is successful without its readers/followers, so if you have any ideas/suggestions for what kind of editorial content would look good on the site, please feel free to pitch and who knows, your idea just might just inspire our line-up! Till the next post (which is quite a good one, I promise), have a great mid-week everyone. ❀

Wani xoxo


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