Okay, I’m actually quite excited to tell you guys about my latest purchase.

You first need to know that I’m easily excited when it comes to buying anything fitness-related, be it shoes, bras, leggings, shorts… hell, even my trusty toe socks! All that was missing was finding a durable and reliable gym bag, and I knew I wanted to make it a real investment.


These are just some of the must-haves I need in a gym bag:

  • Stylish – I tend to go out after hitting the gym, so I don’t want to lug around something that looks like I went camping for a week.
  • Pockets – Being a woman, you know how we love bringing half our belongings even if it’s just out to the store.
  • Roomy – For obvious reasons, a good gym bag should be able to accommodate the equivalent load of what may seem like an overnight’s worth of clothing.
  • Water-resistant – The ladies’ locker room is full of many unknown liquids, including water, soap, lotions, toners, shampoo/conditioner, serums, creams… and a bazillion other products I have no clue why it’s necessary.

AND most importantly, a separate compartment for my shoes and wet, stinky gym clothes.


So my Google search began, and I stumbled across TRIMR. The minute I saw it’s All-In Wet/Dry Gym Bag, I knew I had found IT. With two models available, I instantly fell in love with the studio version, that weighs in at only 544g, measures Β 16 x 6 x 11.25 (inches), and is made from a coated water-resistant material. It has a single pocket outside and another zipped pocket inside, with three other side pockets – including a dedicated water bottle holder!


The winning feature is definitely its broad, sturdy base that unzips to open up to an expandable cave that’ll keep your valuables safe from damp gym clothes and (possibly) rank trainers. If you’re on the hunt for THE gym bag to get, I absolutely, highly recommend TRIMR.


They also sell shaker bottles; the first of its kind with a straw. I don’t consume protein shakes personally, so I cannot speak for that line of products, but hey, if their gym bags are this awesome, I don’t doubt that their bottles are either!


I think this could just be the reason why I’ll hit the gym more often now (well, I hope it is!), because I cannot wait to show it off! Show your support for this Kickstarter project, and give yourself an excuse to spice up your sweat style. πŸ˜‰

Wani xoxo

*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the TRIMR All-in Wet/Dry Gym bag (Studio version) with my own money, and am basically really excited to share with you guys an amazing product. πŸ™‚


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