I find the best way to fall asleep when you’re restless before bedtime is to have sex. Unfortunately, having access to fornication is a privilege for me, given my lacklustre past relationships and my present absence of dating. So, the closest sense of ease to getting naughty between the sheets would be to masturbate, you might say. You see, that’s all fine and dandy, but I much prefer the exhilaration of skin-on-skin contact and fiery passion that you get from sexual entanglement with another person than merely flicking the bean. Masturbation, in short, is a very temporary  – and fleeting – solution for me.

But then, that’s when I discovered sleeping in the nude. Once I started, I wondered why I never started earlier. You see, I was always one to wear PJ’s to bed, from when I was a child (since I shared a room with my sister), even to when I had my own space. It wasn’t till I started having girlfriends accidentally leak the fact that they sleep in the nude, that got me curious.

I started with just sleeping in my knickers and an oversized tee. That itself, greatly improved my level of comfort. Then I moved on to sleeping with only my undies. Now that was greatly satisfying. When I took the plunge and stripped down to my birthday suit, it was a sort of liberation I’d never experienced before.


It started to not matter whether I was sleeping next to someone or in my own bed alone, but sleeping nude provided me a sense of comfort that translated into a form of acceptance of my body. It made me proud of my nakedness and provided me a holistic sense of gratitude for the body I have. I appreciated my physical flaws more easily and that led to better quality of sleep overall because not only was my body feeling cooler, but I found peace with at least one aspect of my life. It may seem like a very trivial matter to many, but I learnt that being to able to kill even the tiniest insecurity you may have about yourself does huge wonders to your mental state.

And for someone who still struggles with depression and anxiety, not having to fret over how lumpy my thighs are and how many rolls I can count on my belly is like a small dose of miracle cure that no one told me about. Sleeping in the nude has brought me in touch with my femininity and led me to love my raw unadulterated beauty for what it is. I never expected these shifts in mindset to occur with a simple act of undressing for bed, but it has indeed done wonders for my mental health.

Wani xoxo


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