For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had issues with my sinus. And I’m amazingly prone to hay fever, especially during exceptionally warm and stuffy days. My mornings aren’t complete without a blocked nasal cavity and plenty of sneezing fits, just for fun, joy and laughter.

But then, one day I received in my inbox, a press release announcing the service of salt therapy, also known as ‘halotherapy’, which claims to ease common breathing and skin issues like asthma, eczema, psoriasis, sinusitis, etc. It piqued my interest, for sure, because I’m all for holistic health methods, sans the drug or allergies.

A few e-mail requests later, and I found myself fortunate enough to be hosted for my first halotherapy session at Breathya. Before I share with you my personal experience, it’s pretty interesting to know that the discovery of salt as a cure for common ailments dates back to the mid 18th century, when workers who toiled in the salt mines showed little to no signs of any respiratory illnesses (bearing in mind, back then, diseases were as common as they come).

Soon enough, a clinic was set up within one of these mines to serve as a natural form of therapy. It was in 1843 that the first book was published on how salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and works to heal the body from the inside via inhalation of tiny salt particles.

I shall not bore you with the science behind it, but I can tell you that it’s something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Alternatively, you could be plagued with said ailments and are looking for a natural source of comfort like me! 😀


After storing your belongings in one of the lockers provided, you will be handed a shower cap and shoe cover to protect your lovely head from getting salt in it, and maintain hygiene while in the salt room. You are then led into a room with several, what they call, “anti-gravity beds” where you can either sit up or lie back in full recline, and doze off into a comfortable nap for 45 – 60 minutes (depending on the result of the consultation). The room’s temperature is just the right level of cooling, and no doubt, you’ll doze off just like I did. The overall experience was very calming and therapeutic, with the room being softly lit and surrounded by easy, laid-back tunes for you to relax to.

DSC4203_resizedImage credit:

Don’t be alarmed when you wake up covered in salt dust, because that’s what’s supposed to happen! At first, I felt nothing happen or change with my breathing, but after about half an hour, I started to notice my nose running. Also, I felt like my nasal passageway was clearer as I could inhale more deeply than before I entered the room. Of course, nay-sayers would tell me this is all a result of a placebo effect, but I’m more than happy to report that those results lasted till the next day.


After my hour was up, I dusted the salt off and lo and behold, my nose could not stop! Out in the humidity, my nose was behaving like a leaking faucet, which I could only hope would stop by bed time, because that would be a nuisance. Although the salt therapy claims to promote better sleep as well, that sadly was not the case for me, as I woke up 4 times that night. 😦

BUT, BUT, but, the next morning a mini miracle happened as my sinuses were totally clear and I wasn’t desperately trying to breathe through one nostril! That’s quite an achievement in my books, as I constantly battle my sinus issues daily, every morning, and it just so happened that it was during this period that it was acting up even worse than before – with me sneezing and blowing my nose even at work.


So far, I’ve only tried out a single session, but I’m up for giving it another go, if it means I can actually breathe when I wake up. More than being an annoyance, being unable to breathe clearly puts a damper on your mood, and makes your thinking go fuzzy. My final verdict would be not to dismiss this natural form of therapy so quickly without giving it a go. One session is apparently all it takes to make you see a huge difference.

Wani xoxo

This session was hosted, but all opinions here are genuine and my own.

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#03-09, Parkway Centre
Singapore 449408

Tel: +65 63230408


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