Breathya Way to a Healthy Respiratory System

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had issues with my sinus. And I’m amazingly prone to hay fever, especially during exceptionally warm and stuffy days. My mornings aren’t complete without a blocked nasal cavity and plenty of sneezing fits, just for fun, joy and laughter.

But then, one day I received in my inbox, a press release announcing the service of salt therapy, also known as ‘halotherapy’, which claims to ease common breathing and skin issues like asthma, eczema, psoriasis, sinusitis, etc. It piqued my interest, for sure, because I’m all for holistic health methods, sans the drug or allergies.

A few e-mail requests later, and I found myself fortunate enough to be hosted for my first halotherapy session at Breathya. Before I share with you my personal experience, it’s pretty interesting to know that the discovery of salt as a cure for common ailments dates back to the mid 18th century, when workers who toiled in the salt mines showed little to no signs of any respiratory illnesses (bearing in mind, back then, diseases were as common as they come).

Soon enough, a clinic was set up within one of these mines to serve as a natural form of therapy. It was in 1843 that the first book was published on how salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and works to heal the body from the inside via inhalation of tiny salt particles.

I shall not bore you with the science behind it, but I can tell you that it’s something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Alternatively, you could be plagued with said ailments and are looking for a natural source of comfort like me! 😀


After storing your belongings in one of the lockers provided, you will be handed a shower cap and shoe cover to protect your lovely head from getting salt in it, and maintain hygiene while in the salt room. You are then led into a room with several, what they call, “anti-gravity beds” where you can either sit up or lie back in full recline, and doze off into a comfortable nap for 45 – 60 minutes (depending on the result of the consultation). The room’s temperature is just the right level of cooling, and no doubt, you’ll doze off just like I did. The overall experience was very calming and therapeutic, with the room being softly lit and surrounded by easy, laid-back tunes for you to relax to.

DSC4203_resizedImage credit:

Don’t be alarmed when you wake up covered in salt dust, because that’s what’s supposed to happen! At first, I felt nothing happen or change with my breathing, but after about half an hour, I started to notice my nose running. Also, I felt like my nasal passageway was clearer as I could inhale more deeply than before I entered the room. Of course, nay-sayers would tell me this is all a result of a placebo effect, but I’m more than happy to report that those results lasted till the next day.


After my hour was up, I dusted the salt off and lo and behold, my nose could not stop! Out in the humidity, my nose was behaving like a leaking faucet, which I could only hope would stop by bed time, because that would be a nuisance. Although the salt therapy claims to promote better sleep as well, that sadly was not the case for me, as I woke up 4 times that night. 😦

BUT, BUT, but, the next morning a mini miracle happened as my sinuses were totally clear and I wasn’t desperately trying to breathe through one nostril! That’s quite an achievement in my books, as I constantly battle my sinus issues daily, every morning, and it just so happened that it was during this period that it was acting up even worse than before – with me sneezing and blowing my nose even at work.


So far, I’ve only tried out a single session, but I’m up for giving it another go, if it means I can actually breathe when I wake up. More than being an annoyance, being unable to breathe clearly puts a damper on your mood, and makes your thinking go fuzzy. My final verdict would be not to dismiss this natural form of therapy so quickly without giving it a go. One session is apparently all it takes to make you see a huge difference.

Wani xoxo

This session was hosted, but all opinions here are genuine and my own.

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How Getting Naked Has Helped Me Love My Body (and Improve My Sleep)

I find the best way to fall asleep when you’re restless before bedtime is to have sex. Unfortunately, having access to fornication is a privilege for me, given my lacklustre past relationships and my present absence of dating. So, the closest sense of ease to getting naughty between the sheets would be to masturbate, you might say. You see, that’s all fine and dandy, but I much prefer the exhilaration of skin-on-skin contact and fiery passion that you get from sexual entanglement with another person than merely flicking the bean. Masturbation, in short, is a very temporary  – and fleeting – solution for me.

But then, that’s when I discovered sleeping in the nude. Once I started, I wondered why I never started earlier. You see, I was always one to wear PJ’s to bed, from when I was a child (since I shared a room with my sister), even to when I had my own space. It wasn’t till I started having girlfriends accidentally leak the fact that they sleep in the nude, that got me curious.

I started with just sleeping in my knickers and an oversized tee. That itself, greatly improved my level of comfort. Then I moved on to sleeping with only my undies. Now that was greatly satisfying. When I took the plunge and stripped down to my birthday suit, it was a sort of liberation I’d never experienced before.


It started to not matter whether I was sleeping next to someone or in my own bed alone, but sleeping nude provided me a sense of comfort that translated into a form of acceptance of my body. It made me proud of my nakedness and provided me a holistic sense of gratitude for the body I have. I appreciated my physical flaws more easily and that led to better quality of sleep overall because not only was my body feeling cooler, but I found peace with at least one aspect of my life. It may seem like a very trivial matter to many, but I learnt that being to able to kill even the tiniest insecurity you may have about yourself does huge wonders to your mental state.

And for someone who still struggles with depression and anxiety, not having to fret over how lumpy my thighs are and how many rolls I can count on my belly is like a small dose of miracle cure that no one told me about. Sleeping in the nude has brought me in touch with my femininity and led me to love my raw unadulterated beauty for what it is. I never expected these shifts in mindset to occur with a simple act of undressing for bed, but it has indeed done wonders for my mental health.

Wani xoxo

Top 3 Things That Peeve Me (and Maybe You) About Workout Videos

For someone who only recently became a gym member in the middle of last year, I have to say most of my current weight loss and strength gains are due to home workouts. I used to not be a believer in gym memberships, but ever since I started joining obstacle races (and completed my first Trifecta last year!), I know that added weights and resistance is beneficial to making progress. But even till this day, I would say, my gym trips are solely for taking advantage of the available weight area and the select few classes that interest me.

I still do HIIT and circuit training at home at least 50-60% of the time, and I have found some very distinctive aspects of fitness videos that really get on my nerves. I’d love to know if I’m the only one who takes an issue with the things I’m about to vent about below!

What Am I Watching?!

This is probably an old affair, with many in the fitness industry having griped about how fitspiration has turned into a soft porn abyss of scantily-clad women in barely-there bikinis and low-cut fitness apparel that works more to give someone a hard-on than to motivate someone to work hard.

I totally get that you want to show off your progress and the amount of dedication that you put into getting lean, but it’s also vital to remember that fitness isn’t about looks. It isn’t about being ripped or getting that 6-pack. It’s about taking care of the one body that you have so that you allow yourself to lead a fulfilling and healthy life, and if a toned, well-sculpted body is a by-product of that, hats off to you!

timthumb-php is a classic example of fitness voyeurism and has taken on such a sexual approach to fitness that it’s just downright vulgar and distasteful

But seriously though, shooting movement and form almost exclusively from a voyeuristic and close-to-perverted angle for most of a fitness video doesn’t make me want to follow along; it irks me, annoys me and honestly, makes me feel worse about myself.

Okay, I Get It!

I have to admittedly say that I’m personally impressed when a trainer can continuously dish out step-by-step instructions throughout a high intensity workout, in addition to encouraging the viewer to push themselves and motivate them to tough it out. But there comes a very fine line between enthusiastic and downright naggy.

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they probably aren’t aware of how annoying and verbose they sound on-camera, but when you’re standing there breathless, exhausted and using every ounce of energy to get through a gruelling workout, there’s nothing more enraging than someone who’s repeatedly yelling, “Form over speed, form over speed! Push yourself, push yourself! Remember to keep your back straight, inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth, you can do it! Never give up, keep up with me, or outdo me if you can!”


When not performed accurately, squats can prove to be an injury waiting to happen

And this can go on without a single second of non-verbal break! For those of you reading this who produce or star in fitness videos, please remember there are people on the other side of the screen who are struggling and not necessarily at the same fitness level as you; balance your vocal time well with a handful of seconds of quiet time as well, regardless of how intense the workout may be. Sometimes less truly is more, and if we see you sweating and huffing along with us, that’s more than enough motivation to keep us going, honestly.

You Want Me to… What?

This might seem like a flip-side to my previous point, but I believe it’s more the lack of concern for the viewer. I totally get that a workout should be as seamless as possible, with fixed intervals for activity and rest accordingly. But if you’re filming a beginner (or even intermediate) workout, it would be super helpful to set aside at least 10 seconds before the next move to demonstrate to the viewer how to perform the next exercise, rather than jump straight into it and explain as you go along.

That’s a very familiar reaction

Me, as the viewer, ends up struggling to keep my eye on the screen, listen actively to the instructions meted out to me, all while attempting to watch my form and breathing – all at the same damn time. And that actually throws out a good 10 to 12 seconds of workout time just trying to get things right as opposed to spending it actually working out. I don’t believe I’m asking for too much, because I’ve watched fitness videos that have managed to arrange the workout in a very viewer-friendly manner and allows you to actually feel confident doing the moves along with the trainer. No falling all over yourself, standing there panting and figuring out what on Earth you’re supposed to do next or having to train your multi-tasking skills more than your muscles.

I’m sure there are several other things you find yourselves having to contend with when it comes to fitness videos, and I’d love to hear all about them! I mean no hate or disrespect to those who put in time and effort in planning and producing workout videos for viewers like me who workout at home, but I believe there are a few tweaks here and there that could greatly benefit the quality of not only the videos themselves, but also the experience for us at home. After all’s said and done, whatever or wherever you draw your strength and motivation from to actually work out, the most important thing is that you enjoy it enough to stick to it! Let 2017 be another great year for health! 🙂

Wani xoxo


How Modern Dating Has Worsened My Confidence and Self-Love

Everyone out there seems to unanimously agree that 2016 has been hell, for some reason or other. Whether it be due to death, politics, trashy celebrity news or horrible trends, there was undoubtedly a reason for everyone to feel like this past year has been a basic bitch.

Then there’s me. This year was the first time in years that I was single (and still am), after being in relationship after relationship for more than 10 years, without so much as a break in between. Being thrown into the dating pool when you’re 30 is one thing, but having to realise the truth behind modern dating is another.

You’d think that having the choice of seeing several guys at a time, when you’re so used to being with just one, is like being a kid in a candy store. Uhm, sorry, no, it isn’t. Dating these days is fucking brutal – excuse my language. It truly is.

It seems like no single male these days dates for the prospect of finding a deeper connection.

‘Netflix and chill’ has become so commonplace it’s disgusting. From where I stand, it seems like dating has become a time-filler or a pursuit in finding the perfect fuck buddy/friend with benefits.

And even if that one date doesn’t culminate in the both of you getting between the sheets, the best alternative is to ghost on the other party. I honestly, truly don’t get it; please, can someone enlighten me as to why this is so?

I try my darndest best to try and understand why these guys react and behave the way they do, and I constantly and repeatedly tell myself it’s not my fault. But for someone dealing with her own depression and anxiety, it’s tough not to look within my person and question why no one has bothered to stay.

Is there something so terribly, fundamentally flawed with me, as a person?

Sometimes it does my head (and heart) in, frequently overthinking about how imperfect I am, how I could be so much better or easier to love, if I made some changes to myself. What if they saw through all my smiles and kind words and realised I was this broken, incomplete and thoroughly unmanageable woman? What if, at the end of the day, regardless of my efforts and willingness to commit, I am just simply unlovable?

There’s a reason I’ve quit all dating/social apps. I stick to the small circle of trust that I’ve curated this past year to include only those I believe will try their best to stand by me (nobody’s perfect, so I will not say I expect them to). All in all, I’ve basically thrown in the towel and have very little to no faith in modern dating. I honestly believe there is nothing that dating will do for me or for my current state of mind. As for my future, I guess if someone walks into my life miraculously, then let them.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m not seeking validation from a lover or a fleeting encounter with a hot stud. I know self-love is the most important love there is. I’m just saying when I have put myself out there and worn my heart on my sleeve, it hasn’t turned out well. In fact, it really tears me apart. And that is why, for now, I am done.

Wani xoxo

5 Real Reasons Why You Should Start Meal Prepping Today

Many weeks have passed since my last post, and trust me when I say that I’ve been meaning to post a hell lotta content here, but somehow they end up being written for other clients… then I cannot re-post it here before it goes ‘live’ on their site, and by that time, I forget about it… yeah, excuses, excuses. 😦

BUT, today, I remembered! And it’s a piece that I just wrote for a place that I absolutely love writing for, because they allow total freedom for writers to explore unique perspectives and creative approaches to otherwise run-of-the-mill topics.

I’ve never been one to meal prep, but I’ve observed a lot of friends who are getting into watching what they eat – in a healthy and really refreshing way. They come up with great recipes for the week, spend their weekends whipping up a huge batch of food, and pay more attention to what they feed their bodies. Unfortunately, I love food too much to direct energy to meal prepping, but I’d like to believe I still eat reasonably well. But if you’re thinking twice about whether you should pick up this honestly admirable habit, here are 5 great reasons to. 🙂

1. You gain perspective

One weight loss tool is a food diary, which helps you have a proper visual of what you consume in a day or a week. Eating mindlessly often leads to underestimating just how much you’re consuming, so meal prepping allows you to get a broader perspective of your eating habits.

If you’re doing the meal preps yourself, even more kudos to you, and you’ll have the added benefit of seeing the entire week’s worth of food laid out before you, thus providing you a tangible perspective of what you’re putting into your body. It’s easy to justify eating poorly meal-to-meal, but if you see all the garbage you feed your system literally laying out on a table in front of you, it can be a potent wake-up call.

2. You’re less likely to make poor food choices

The best of intentions can completely disappear with the first hunger pang or stomach growl. At that point, your eating choices are based on convenience and cravings rather than what’s best for your body or your wallet.

By having your meals planned for the day or even the entire week ahead, you’re less likely to drop by your favourite fast food chain because you already know you’ll be fed later with a wholesome meal. You know how they say never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Same principle applies here; choose your meals before your body chooses them for you.

3. You learn about portion control

Self-control isn’t just about what we eat, but how much of what we eat. And although it’s one thing to eat leftovers from a pre-packed Tupperware container, it’s a different story when it comes to knowing what works for your body, in terms of nutrients.

We’re not saying you should go into the nitty gritty of micros vs. macros (because ain’t nobody got time for that!), but meal prepping should help you sort out the percentage of carbs, proteins and even fibre that you should consume for your weight or health goals. Meal prepping teaches balance. You can still make delicious things and have a treat here and there, but the amount you eat has been decided by a wiser version of you from a few days ago – who wasn’t hungry or in a hurry.

4. You learn about your food

Singaporeans love their food, but how many of us know about our food? Like where it comes from, what kind of nutrition it provides, its benefits and the best way to cook it to maximise flavour? When you meal prep, you’ll undoubtedly want to mix things up as you go along, because there’s only so long you’ll put up with chicken breasts and brown rice.

Your body needs a variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to flourish. With informed knowledge through talking to like-minded people or via research, you’ll put forethought into making your meals, and will choose essential items from several food groups to get the variety you need to fuel your body and cover all your bases. With a varied diet, you’re more likely to stick to it and will have more food options to choose from so you’ll never have an excuse not to eat well.


5. It creates habit, and ultimately changed behaviour

It’s been said, on average, it takes 66 days for a person to develop a habit. Meal prepping takes time to get into, especially with getting used to time spent on peeling, chopping, mixing and what-not.

But once you see all the other benefits, you’ll slowly develop a heightened sense of awareness of what you’re feeding yourself, which in turn will subconsciously make you want to eat mostly clean – even when you feel like having a cheat meal. It’s like that mindset of “I’ve already put in so much effort into eating well, and I don’t wish to ruin my hard work”.

If you’re interested in reading more lifestyle articles written by me (or my fellow writers), visit Bow & Tiara, and I’ll see you guys real soon! 😀

Wani xoxo

Finding Your Way Out of the Woods

This is something that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for awhile, but I didn’t really know how best to. Would I express it with a single IG post? Would I type out a long FB post, where only personal friends would get to read about it? Or should I blog about it here, because I feel like I’m probably not the only one who’s ever felt this way before?

And I arrived at the last choice because I can only imagine how alone someone else would feel if they felt the same way, but with no one to feel alone with.

As those of you who have followed my blog regularly enough would know, I have struggled with depression, anxiety and relationships for a LONG-ASS time. It’s almost become a part of who I am; my identity as Wani is someone who’s constantly sad but always cheering other people on because I would never, ever wish anyone else to feel even an ounce of what I feel.

My last therapy session was a majorly tough one to hold myself together – mainly due to the fact that we explored the core of my issues and my therapist shed some light on the truth of my abuse. She is, so far, the only one who knows everything and for me to have divulged every detail is a crazy milestone. Fair enough to say, I cried non-stop for that 1.5 hour session.

So, what is the whole point of this post? I want to say that it is absolutely 100% normal to feel like you’re going through a lull in your life; for you to feel like a mental, emotional or even intellectual wall has suddenly erected itself in your path. And it’s only human for anyone to feel like taking a backseat and wallowing or allowing that low to wash over them.

I’m here to say, let that happen. Embrace that feeling and accept that you are feeling this way about yourself and your circumstances. It’s what makes you human. And when you’re preparing to pick yourself up again, just keep in mind one important thing: live in that moment. This is something my recent experience at The Happiness Program taught me. The past is done – hands washed and there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it, even if you regret it. The future? Yes, you can plan, you can worry and you can schedule your days, weeks and months to a T. BUT, where is your now?

I’m talking about the next one or two hours. When you awake in the morning, most people start thinking of all the things they need to accomplish in the day ahead. I say, stop. Start thinking of just waking up, taking a good refreshing shower or seeing your partner and/or kids and getting a good breakfast. Just think about that and nothing else. Work and chores and errands will always be there for you, so deal about that when the time comes. Simply focus on the immediate blessings you have right now.

Be present and engaged in this very moment. Be grateful for what you have every single minute. Cherish these few seconds before they tick away. How exactly does this help with coping with the dark times in our lives, you ask? Because worry, fear and expectations place unnecessary burden and stress on ourselves. Because when we plan so far ahead and we anticipate our own performance so much that it disappoints us when we don’t do as well, we might feel less than what we’re worth.

To be inconsistent is normal. To be “not up to my own standards” is normal. To be judged is normal. To be flawed is normal. To be imperfect is normal. But also, to be all that, makes you beautiful and great and amazing. To be able to truly appreciate the highs in life and be thankful when things go your way, there have to be lows and struggles; they aren’t opposites, but mere complements.

I hope my words can make even the tiniest impact on anyone who’s going through something in their lives which may cause them to question, “Why me? Why is this happening?” You aren’t alone, and you aren’t less of who you are because of shortcomings.

I know this post is a long one, but I feel it’s so important. Share this with your friends and family who need love and support, and never let anyone dull your shine no matter what.

Wani xoxo

Sweat, Keep Away!

Okay, I’m actually quite excited to tell you guys about my latest purchase.

You first need to know that I’m easily excited when it comes to buying anything fitness-related, be it shoes, bras, leggings, shorts… hell, even my trusty toe socks! All that was missing was finding a durable and reliable gym bag, and I knew I wanted to make it a real investment.


These are just some of the must-haves I need in a gym bag:

  • Stylish – I tend to go out after hitting the gym, so I don’t want to lug around something that looks like I went camping for a week.
  • Pockets – Being a woman, you know how we love bringing half our belongings even if it’s just out to the store.
  • Roomy – For obvious reasons, a good gym bag should be able to accommodate the equivalent load of what may seem like an overnight’s worth of clothing.
  • Water-resistant – The ladies’ locker room is full of many unknown liquids, including water, soap, lotions, toners, shampoo/conditioner, serums, creams… and a bazillion other products I have no clue why it’s necessary.

AND most importantly, a separate compartment for my shoes and wet, stinky gym clothes.


So my Google search began, and I stumbled across TRIMR. The minute I saw it’s All-In Wet/Dry Gym Bag, I knew I had found IT. With two models available, I instantly fell in love with the studio version, that weighs in at only 544g, measures  16 x 6 x 11.25 (inches), and is made from a coated water-resistant material. It has a single pocket outside and another zipped pocket inside, with three other side pockets – including a dedicated water bottle holder!


The winning feature is definitely its broad, sturdy base that unzips to open up to an expandable cave that’ll keep your valuables safe from damp gym clothes and (possibly) rank trainers. If you’re on the hunt for THE gym bag to get, I absolutely, highly recommend TRIMR.


They also sell shaker bottles; the first of its kind with a straw. I don’t consume protein shakes personally, so I cannot speak for that line of products, but hey, if their gym bags are this awesome, I don’t doubt that their bottles are either!


I think this could just be the reason why I’ll hit the gym more often now (well, I hope it is!), because I cannot wait to show it off! Show your support for this Kickstarter project, and give yourself an excuse to spice up your sweat style. 😉

Wani xoxo

*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the TRIMR All-in Wet/Dry Gym bag (Studio version) with my own money, and am basically really excited to share with you guys an amazing product. 🙂

Hungry for Appetti

Hello, again, you lovely people!

Time has certainly passed by quickly, and look at where we are; only 4.5 months of the year left! And what have I been up to since the last post? Well, I’ve been more active on my Instagram account (for those of you who follow me there – @WaniWrites – thank you so much for your support!), and working my butt off (err, literally and figuratively).

Speaking of work, I just wanted to show my support for a new client I’m working with, which I believe might help some of you who might be living in Asia and always a little lost at where to dine when you’re planning a night out.

Previously known as Happy Hour Asia, is a GPS-enabled site that eases your hunt for that obscure watering hole or trending taste maker, especially when you’re hangry. Simply search through its database for your preferred establishment by name, cuisine or district and let do the hard stuff. 😉

Its listings will state the merchant’s site, opening hours, current promotions (if any), cuisine type, average pricey-ness and the best social setting it’s recommended for. And how do I play a part in all this, you ask?

Well, with a spanking new re-launch needs a spanking new editorial site, and I’ll be responsible in sourcing great eats and tipples so that you’ll know what you’re in for, should you decide on visiting a particular place. 🙂 Everything is still in its early stages, but I reckon it’ll be an amazing one-stop digital encyclopedia of restaurants, cafes, bars and the like once everything gets going! The site currently offers its services in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bali.

No editorial project is successful without its readers/followers, so if you have any ideas/suggestions for what kind of editorial content would look good on the site, please feel free to pitch and who knows, your idea just might just inspire our line-up! Till the next post (which is quite a good one, I promise), have a great mid-week everyone. ❤

Wani xoxo

Working Out Depression

If you guys follow me on IG (@WaniWrites), you’ll know that I’ve been battling depression head on the last few months, but perhaps you didn’t know that it’s something that I was diagnosed with about 8 years ago.

A bad break-up early this year utterly shattered me and I’ve been struggling to find myself all over again since then. It’s also during this period that I’ve gone into full swing with my workouts, combining at-home HIIT routines with long nature trails and gym classes and free weights. Safe to say, physically, this is the fittest I’ve been in my adult life. But this is also the most I’ve had to deal with emotionally and mentally in a very, very long time.

Couple that with a change in career, from a full-time job to a freelance one, financially, I’m still trying to get on my feet, so that is an additional constant worry. But that one, singular, regular thing that has kept me grounded is working out. I’ve been called out on social media for being fat and shameless about posting about my body, and been accused to my face of working out so much because I’m insecure and that my depression makes me a crazy person.

I’m not going to lie and say all those comments didn’t hurt me, and that I didn’t for a second think that, maybe, they’re right and have allowed myself to shed a few tears when I read/heard them. They fucking HURT. Especially when you know, deep down, you’re exercising to keep sane, and vanity is honestly the least of your priorities.

That didn’t keep me from working out constantly though; I picked myself up and put in 110% in every single workout I did and still do. I know that if I want to have any chance at getting better and being a better person, for now, I have to be selfish. I have to put myself at the very top of the VIP list. I have sacrificed numerous social invitations because I just didn’t feel like it or decided to work out instead or have a quiet evening in. And although I know I cannot keep isolating myself in the long run, for now, I know this is what I need to feel safe and comfortable.

Because of the negativity I’ve received regarding my depression, I don’t share my experience with people very much – whether with my personal circle or with you guys. I admittedly still harbour the mindset that I’m burdening others or simply whining when I talk to someone about how I’m feeling, so I reserve my thoughts for when I attend therapy. I know it’s better to talk to someone about it, but I just don’t feel like I’ve reached that point where I feel safe enough to be candidly open about what I’m going through.

But what I do know is that working out has literally saved me from myself. It has given me the drive I desperately needed to keep going, to get through every single day and to be able to tell myself I’m doing well and I WILL get better. There will be days or weeks when I’ll feel like there’s a constant grey cloud weighing heavy on my head, but I have to keep fighting.

I’ll share with you a little something that my therapist asked me the last session, which scared me but also provided me with a little reality check. She asked, “And what if you never get better? What will you do then?” (This was in response to me telling her how I will keep pushing through every emotional wall to get to where I want to be).

I didn’t know how to respond, to be honest, and I really was internally questioning myself, ‘what if I really DON’T get better?’. But then I just replied, “Then I will just keep going, even if it’s something I have to do for the rest of my life. No one will fight this for me, and at the end of the day, I might not have any one by my side cheering me on. But for myself, I have to do this.”

And that is the promise I’ve made to myself. When everyone may have seemed to have given up on me, or have no interest in supporting me, I will be my own cheerleader. I will be the friend that I’ve so desperately needed, and I will love myself enough to know that I cannot and will not give up on me.

So, after this long rambling post, I just want to let anyone out there who’s going through the same (or similar) experience, the most important person is you. Yes, you are definitely not alone because I’m sure I’m being a cynic and psyching myself out. But at the end of the day, the person who cannot give up the most is you – that’s what I’m trying to say. Do what you need to do to get through the darker days and take relief in the brighter ones, but don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Every fight will be damn worth it.

Wani xoxo

Pure Yoga Does #YogaRelay

I’m going to be honest; the closest thing I do that’s considered yoga is me practicing my inversions after my own HIIT workout. I’m not really a fan of going for yoga classes per se, and I think the biggest reason is because I think it’s not really my thing. I’ve tried bikran yoga several times, and after several trial classes I realised I just got bored of the monotony.

I mean, kudos to those who do practice yoga religiously – it’s not easy mastering those poses when you’re not very flexible or strong. But I’m just more inclined to active, hyper boot camp-style stuff.

So, why am I sharing this nugget of information that fell into into my inbox? Because I think it’s an awesome way to get yoga virgins off their bum and be part of a community of yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Pure Yoga will be celebrating International Day of Yoga with an International #YogaRelay on 21 June, with a 24-hour relay involving 5 cities from New York to Asia.

SG_without baton

According to the official press release, “the annual day recognises the 5,000 year-old Indian practice for its holistic benefits, not only as an accessible and inclusive exercise to promote physical and spiritual well-being, but also for the promotion of harmony and peaceful relationships”. Uniting 610 yoga instructors, the 24-hour event will see itself run from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. (GMT+8) in Asia, followed by New York from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. (EDT). Hong Kong will start off the #YogaRelay at 8 a.m. (GMT+8) followed by Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, with the last leg of the relay ending at 8 p.m. (EDT) in New York.
On our shores in Singapore, the sessions will be as follows:
Tuesday, 21 June 2016, Pure Yoga – Ngee Ann City
  • 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
    Session 1: Vinyasa with Arun
  • 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
    Session 2: Hot Hatha with Jacque
  • 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
    Session 3: Hatha with Arun

If you’re keen to test the yoga waters with this free event, book a mat by calling +65 6733 8863 (Pure Yoga – Ngee Ann City) or +65 6304 2268 (Pure Yoga – Chevron House)!

Needless to say, there’ll be promos and contests running concurrently with this event, but I will not bore you with the nitty gritty details. If you’re a curious cat, head to or their official Facebook page for more information leading up to the event.

So, the question is, will I be partaking in the event myself? I haven’t decided, but it’s definitely got my interest piqued, so who knows – I might just be your mat neighbour. And if I am, please do say ‘hello’ and give me a friendly wave! 🙂


Wani xoxo